Friday, December 27, 2013

Who is sleeping under the tree!!!!

I know I should of posted this before Christmas but here it is. My keep it simple Christmas tree.

You will find some critters in
 the tree if you look.

Awwwwwww there you are Lucky!
Having a sleep under the tree.
Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!!!


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Making a Chirlie Brown tree!

I decided to make a Charlie brown tree. So here goes.........I had some flowers on long stems so I decided to strip them of their flowers to use the stems. I know I would not use the long stems  with the flowers.
Stems are striped and here is a picture to go by.
I had an old wreath that I was going to get rid off so I decided to take the pine ends off for my tree.
Here you can see I taped my stems together.
I have now started to tape on the pine ends to the tree.
The branches are all taped on and ready for the floral brown tape. Now if I was to do it again I would first tape every thing with the brown tape. But I did not have any at the time so I used green floral tape. I would of made it easier.
Now it is all tape with the brown floral tape and I wired a red Christmas bulb to the one limb.
Got to have a stand. So I found some scrap wood hubby had and made my stand.
There is my Charlie Brown tree.
I didn't have a blue little blanket to wrap around the tree, so I used  a scarf and I see someone has fallen asleep under the tree.
I see a little mouse has brought the little sleepy bear a candy cane!