Monday, May 30, 2011

A Vintage Style Bear/ Make over

It has been awhile since I posted a bear. I have several on the go at different stages to be finished. Here is May. A vintage style bear. This is my first vintage style bear. She is about 10" tall, made from mohair. May has loose joints and stuffed with steel shot and poly filling. She has a nice weight to her. It took me awhile to age her as I have not done that to a bear before. It is a bit scary to make a bear look old when I make bears look new, if you know what I mean. The funny thing is I had a job with the nose to make it look old.

I have made so changes with May. Trimming back the fur as it was too long. Making her a simple dress out of a vintage hanky. I like the new May better.

I am back!

The group at the table picture from our last night there.Me and my two bears and Joanne.

Well I am back from Philadelphia and had a blast! Met lots of wonderful people and got to meet Joanne Livington, Alison Mckee, Michell Lamb, Katherine Hallem and Bev White. I did bring home a couple of bears by Joanne. Here are a couple of pictures from the show. Everyone was so nice. If they have the show again next year I would go. It had dolls as well but not as many as there were bears. It is the biggest bear show I have been to. Joanne has posted more pictures here at TT. Thanks Joanne, click here