Friday, February 22, 2013

A New Year and a New Bear!

Well here it is 2013 and almost the end of feb. Where has the time gone.
 I have just finished a new bear. Here is one picture of him. He is a steam punk polar bear named Kalluk. I made his hat and vest from leather. He is 9 inches tall with out his hat . It took me a while to finish him but he is now. The hat and vest are removable.

 I also have another bear cut out and ready to sew. It is a bit bigger then this oneand a different color.  I am hoping I will get back in the groove for 2013 with my bears. These bears are a new pattern I have created. They have no neck joint but armature that goes from head to bottom of body. A couple of new things I am trying this year. More to come.