Thursday, January 13, 2011

Link to Bear History!

I had a email for an Elementart school teacher that has
found the information on my web page What's in a bear useful. So one of her
students found this link to the history of the
teddy bear and thought that other readers may
be interested in reading the history of
teddy bears.
So thank you Ashleigh for the website:) What a sweet thing to do. Maybe you will be a bear artist some day:)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Books For Sale!!!

Here is the list of books I have for sale; The price does not include the shipping. You will be charged the acual shipping cost.
Making Teddy Bears- $10.00 SOLD
Easy-To-Make Teddy Bears & All The Trimmings- $10.00
The Bear Canvas ( guide to fabric painting and teddy-bear making)- $20.00
Teddy Bear Craft Book (hard cover, Thirty five projects)- $10.00
Two - Hour Teddy bears- (hard cover)- $6.00
2 books - Collecting Teddy Bears- (hard cover)- $10.00 each
Teddy Bears- (hard cover)( This delightfully illustrated book provides the ideal introduction to the world of the Teddy bear)- $10.00
Ultimate Teddy Bear Book- (hard cover)(The essential guide for all bear enthusiasts)- $10.00
The Teddy Bear Encyclopedia- (hard cover)- $10.00 SOLD

If you are interest in buying a book, please email me;

Clean Sweep!!!

Well here it is 2011 and it is time to get rid of stuff I no longer need. Some where along the way I seem to have lost this post so I am entering it again. This is not the way to start 2011 having things disappear. Lol I have a dozen bear books I am going to try and post here in the next few days for sale. So pop back and see whats up for grabs!