Saturday, October 31, 2009

New design

Well here is a panda I have been working on. I still have some finishing touches and he or she will be up for adoption. I was hoping to have him done by the end of this month, but will be done soon.


Joanne Livingston said...

He is adorable. I love the way you have shaped his muzzle, and the colors you have used.

Lynn said...

Thanks Joanne, I needle felted the muzzle and was a first not to have him as a character bear as that is what I seem to do with the needle felted muzzle. Still have to add some toes, claws and wax the nose. I haven't done a wax nose in awhile. Time to give it a go!

Julie said...

Hi, I have just seen your blog, which I am going to follow as You have some adorable bears, I am running a competition on my Blog to win a Christmas Teddy bear ACEO, why not come and enter, and tell your friends.
x Julie x