Monday, October 12, 2009

A new blogger is born!

Welcome to my Blog

Happy Thanksgiving here in Canada!

Here it is fall already and don't know where summer went.

This is my frist post. Blogging is something that is very new for me. I have been looking at friends blogs and love reading to see whats new with them. So here goes. I guess I will begin to say I have been in arts and crafts for over 20 years. I guess you could say I have a creative side to me. I love to create different things from all kinds of different materials. I have been in the bear world for...... my gosh 11 years. Where has the time gone. I Create my own patterns for my bears to make them One-Of-A-Kind Adult collectable bears. They are so much fun to create. Somethimes these little guys decide on how they should look and they get their own way! So please do stop in again and see whats up and new in Critters Creations world.

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