Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dudly in Teddy Bear and Friends!

Well to my surprise Dudly is in the October 2013 Teddy Bear & Friends issue. I was so excited!
I would like to thank Joanne Livingston for encouraging me to try a more realistic style bear. I think she has inspired a few people as she has so generously showed how to do different technique on her blog. I have tried the techniques out on Dudly plus for the first time needle felting an open close mouth. It took a bit for me to figure it out and also teeth. I am pleased on how it all came together.


Wish You Were Here said...

Congrats, Linda! I can definitely see Joanne's influence on Dudley! It had to have been very difficult to do the open/close mouth with teeth, too! Good for you trying new techniques - the effort has paid off! Hugs, Janice

Linda said...

Thank you Janice.