Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sep 30th!

Well summer is cone and now we are into fall and such wonderful time of year with all the  awesome colors. Sep 30th already and I can't believe it. The time has gone by so fast. What have I been up to? Well not alot. I have been doing some needle felting and now making mittens from sweaters for a fall sale my husband and I are doing. He does wood turning and I am making some stuff for the sale as well. I am working on another bear as well. It has been a long summer looking after my mom who has alot of health issues. Plus traveling around Ontario. I do hope you all have had a wonderful summer. Now that the cooler weather is here I will be working more on the line of bears and such. Happy Fall!!!


Kays Kids said...

The evenings get longer in Fall. Although we are in Spring here in Aussie land. I would love to see a pic of the mittens. They sound good. I felt and realy enjoy doing that as well as bears.
Must get back to sewing.

Linda said...

Hi Kays, Sorry I have not gotten back sooner. I will get pictures for you and post them of the mittens so you can see.