Friday, January 22, 2010

Mink Bear Angel found a home!

Years ago when I started out making bears I use to make bears from others real fur coats. I did that for a few years. The shop that was in town at the time carried mohair. At first I was a bit hesitant to use it as it was a bit expensive and did not want to cut into the fabric in case I made a mistake. Well That did not last long and I was making mohair bears. It had been sometime now since I made a bear from real fur and gave it a try .... Of course when I started making real fur bears I knew nothing on working with real fur so I bought the book Teddy Bears With a Past by Nancy Tillberg. It had all the information in it I needed to get started in making real fur bears. I am glad I had the book for reference. You should check it out if you are wanting to make real fur bears. It is a very good book. I am going to continue to offer real fur bears a long with mohair bears. Here is a picture of Angel. I hope you like her.
Angel has gone to Alberta Canada to live with her new mom Who happens to be a dear friend. She seen Angel on my web site and email me to say she wanted her.
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